50% Off Opal Moisturising Lotion For Womens

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Arihant Gift Center Opal Moisturising Lotion For Womens (1 Ltr)

1 Ltr
BrandArihant Gift Center
Skin TypeDry
Product BenefitsMoisturizing.
Item FormLotion

About this item quick riveting lotion provides healing wetness for healthy-looking skin Non-Greasy Lotion. Ideal For Men & girls Helps Repairs skin injury and leaves skin sleek and dampened Absorbs deeply to moisturize and facilitate heal dry skin from inside built with small Droplets of mineral jelly Jelly to lock in moisture

Arihant Gift Center Opal Moisturising Lotion For Womens (1 Ltr)

Having healthful, sparkling pores and skin is a critical part of your usual health.

OPAL believes that everybody merits healthful pores and skin.

But healthful pores and skin isn’t always something you get through overlaying issues or thru brief fixes.

With solar publicity, your pores and skin produce melanin that could cause pores and skin damage, stupid and choppy pores and skin tone.

OPAL Healthy Bright Daily Brightening, our nice pores and skin brightening frame lotion enables repair of dry broken pores and skin and offers visibly sparkling pores and skin in 2 weeks. With micro-droplets of the lotion enables heal* pores and skin.

The lotion additionally carries Vitamin B3, which is understood to inhibit the manufacturing and switch of melanin, it enables delivery of lower back your pores and skin’s healthful radiance.

Triple sunscreens offer brightness safety through combating UVA and UVB rays to shield your pores and skin’s brightness from destiny damage. A day by day lotion is light, fast-soaking up and non-sticky lotion making it best with a purpose to use all through the year.

Now you may get healthful, even-toned and sparkling pores and skin in only 2 weeks! Use two times an afternoon for nice results.

Apply generously over your frame and rub down until it receives absorbed.

*Healing through moisturization of everyday dry pores and skin.

Action withinside the epidermal place and inside the beauty domain.


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