Kamdhenu Kumkumadi Taila 30ml beauty oil for acne, pimples, spots, black heads, makes skin glowing


About this item
Lab Tested & herbal product and does now no longer comprise any chemical
Herbal product; secure no facet effects
Very powerful Moisturizers for frame and pores and skin care
This Product now no longer supposed to diagnose, treat, therapy or save you any diseases
Being natural Ayurvedic product does now no longer comprise any synthetic colour or perfume, colour and perfume might also additionally range from batch to batch

Important records
Safety Information:
Few human beings have allergic reaction to herbal substances like milk etc, undertaking small patch allergic reaction take a look at is suggestive

Gently rub down each morning & night time on smooth pores and skin the use of upward round movements. Store in cool and dry vicinity Keep out from direct sunlight

Legal Disclaimer:
This content material such as recommendation offers widely wide-spread records only. It is in no manner an alternative choice to certified clinical opinion. Always seek advice from a consultant or your personal health practitioner for extra records. KAMDHENU LABORATORIES does now no longer declare duty for this records. Skin touchy to grease utility can be examined for suitability previous to utility, people with oily pores and skin might also additionally wash off the utility after 30 minutes.


1.)  The bottle was half empty when i received it .. and for all those reviews which says it smells bad at least it doesn’t have an artificial fragrance which will ruin your skin …if you demand a natural product you gotta deal with the aroma …other than that loved it nothing suits my skin as i have sensitive skin but since i ordered this it does wonder for my skin i am not even mad about bottle being half empty cause production of natural ingredients is expensive.. just keep it into consideration that you are not applying a lot of it in one go cause it will clog your pores since it is a oil ..also yes it brightens your face a little bit Yes i am here from fittuber as well lol

2.) This is my first review on Amazon. I was hesitant after watching video of fittuber whether to purchase this product or not. But i took a try as price was not that much. Believe me it is awesome product. I have been using this since 2 weeks every night before sleep. Now since 10 days all my acme/pimples are gone and i feel my face skin so soft and moist and fresh too.. this tiny little product is worth and no other Beauty cream product are required. Thanks fit tuber and amazon for this awesome product. Will order this again after this is over.


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