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Astrel’s Dermist Shampoo -Pack of 2 for Psoriasis

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Patented combination. Available in USA
Contains Ayurvedic Naturals and Minerals
Helps reducing flaking, redness and itchyness


DERMIST SHAMPOO: Appearance of scales and continuous falling of scales not only spoils the external appearance, but also causes severe stress. Dermist Shampoo designed for day-to-day usage for eliminating the scales/plaques associated with psoriasis in minutes even as having shower. This also will allow to Dermist Cream to moisturize the skin. Dermist Shampoo for use once a day on the scalp and also can be utilized on other parts of the body to wash scales. DERMIST CREAM: Dermist Cream to be applied twice a day straight away after shower / washing scales/plaques with Dermist Shampoo. Dermist Cream helps to reduce dryness, scales, itchiness and redness. In 1-2 weeks of application, Dermist cream reduces dryness, itchiness and can see visible reduction in scales. Dermist products are only for topical application. DERMIST products don’t seem to be meant to cure any disease. It has Secure blend of Ayurvedic Herbs, minerals to help reduce dryness, scales/plaques, itchiness and redness. Dermist products DO NOT contain steroids, coal/pine tar, salicylic acid, immunosuppresants or parabens. Secure for long term use.

Patented combination. To be had in USA
Comprises Ayurvedic Naturals and Minerals
Helps reducing flaking, redness and itchyness
NO Steroids, NO Salicylic Acid, NO Coal Tar, NO Parabens
Good for long-term use, Approved Ayurvedic Product

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